Comparative Agendas Project – Italian national team

The Comparative Agendas Project is (CAP) collect and code information on the policy processes of governments from around the world.  Founded in 2009 by the joint effort of a small group of young Italian researchers from different universities, the Italian national team has progressively grown and it is now established as an active partner in the CAP research network. Here is our page on the CAP official website.

Parliamentary Activities, Career Tracks, and Accountability (PACTA Project)

The PACTA project aims at analyzing the interactions between legislative beheaviour and incumbent MPs’ career tracks. It will more precisely deal with the effects of parliamentary performance on the reselection and re-election of legislators. One important goal of this project is to identify the factors mediating on these interactions, especially electoral rules. This is why the project will adopt a cross-national comparative research design. The founding members of the group firstly met at the 2014 ECPR Research Session in Essex. The first joint research output of the group is a special section published in Parliamentary Affairs.

MPs’ Role and Representation [Forthcoming book]

This book offers a comprehensive assessment of the role played by Italian members of the Chamber of Deputies across a period of more than thirty years. It does so employing the theoretical instruments offered by the revival of role analysis in legislative studies, a tradition that have an unparalleled potential to connect the normative debates on political representation to empirical studies. A rich dataset of parliamentary activities, several quantitative surveys on parliamentarians’ attitudes and opinions, and a set of new in-depth interviews constitute the empirical base of the study. Challenging the idea that studying individual representation is a futile exercise, this book shows that looking at the opinions and behavioural patterns of parliamentarians can shed light on some important questions: what are the interests represented in parliament? How important is political culture in shaping the role of representatives? What is the impact of descriptive representation? The book will appeal to scholars and students of legislative studies, comparative politics and Italian studies


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